Rolls-Royce Phantom 3

Rolls Royce Phantom 3

  • 1938
  • 35.889 Km ( read on odo )
  • Orignal condition
  • 12 cil  7338 cc
  • 165 Hp  -  123 Kw
  • 4 sp gearbox
  • Matching Numbers
  • Only 727 examples made
  • Produced for Dutch Bankier


We are selling mighty Rolls Royce Phantom 3 . This spectacular machine is breathtaking and exudes everything from the 1940s. Sitting in or driving this car takes you back in time. The carriage was made by Schutter&Vanbakel , who were already known for their magnificent horse carriages. this car was made on order of a dutch banker. the car is still in a very good condition and the engine is perfect. it takes no effort to start the 7.3 liter heavy engine.