Ford GT40 MK4

Ford GT40 MK4 – 7 Liters – chassis J-2

From family of Mason.

Jim Mason was in charge for Ford to built all the GT40 MK4 chassis at Brunswick Aircraft Corporation.

This particular car was tested an accidented in 1966, the car accidented was send back to Brunswick aircraft .

The father Jim Mason who built the frame for all MK4 at Brunswick aircraft corp, repair J-2 with 2 of his collegues and the title was still included , later the car was sold unfinished ( no engine ).

The car was rebuild in 1969 as per original specificatoin with the honeycomb aluminium monocoque. The engine is a proper tunnel port 427 with 2/4bbl Holley Carburators makein approximately 550 HP.

The car is equipped with a original MK4 T-44 Transaxle , upright and magnesium wheels.

And a last. This car is just amazing !

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